Secure communications with our Government Digital Signage .

Government digital signage helps staff to serve our nations and citizens, with secure real-time communications play a vital role. Leverage digital signage to display emergency messaging, wayfinding and key messages for visitors and employees.

Convention Center Digital Signage

Engaging technologies create clear lines of communication

Our digital signage, and broader Digital Engagement Platform technology, enables our customers to create engaging and impacting messaging and communications content. Through eye-catching displays you can be confident that key communications won’t be missed, that visitors will know where to be and response to ermegencies is swift and decisive. 

“When we were looking to upgrade our multi-media footprint, my sales rep provided insight and workable options that greatly aided in our decision-making. Once purchased, our Janus Sales Rep continued to follow up with us and ensured our staff members were trained and our systems were functioning properly. I have, and will continue to recommend the Janus Team-they work for us!”

E. Sam Parker

Director of Marketing, Air Mobility Command


Help others navigate your facility with our interactive wayfinding solution. Regardless of your property size or complexity, we can customize digital facility maps and applications to help them get where they need to go.

    Emergency Messaging

    Keep visitors and employees safe with our emergency messaging solution, which powers pre-programmed alerts, evacuation maps, safety procedures, and other pertinent information.

    Visitor Messaging & Internal Communications

    Improve your guest experience with digital welcome messages and important information. Consider sharing interesting facts and photos about your department, agency or base to keep visitors engaged.

    Use employee-facing screens to inform staff of daily operations, upcoming meetings and events, safety information, and more.

      Convention Center Digital Signage

      GSA & AFNAF Certification

      As a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and AFNAF-Certified Industry Partner, all eligible agencies and organizations can purchase our digital signage solutions. The full Janus Digital Signage Suite is available on GSA Contract No. GS-03-F116DA and through AFNAF: F41999-07-D-6072.

      We also have partners we work with on NETCENTS II, CHESS IT, HUBZONE, and other contract vehicles.

      Government Digital Signage in action

      Patrick Air Force Base digitally enhances tour experience