In-Room Technology.

Our range of in-room technology puts control into the hands of your guests; delivering the ultimate engaged experience during their visit to your property. Be it our market-leading Interactive IPTV or our customised voice control, we have you covered for whatever your guests need.

Enhance your guests experience at your venue with the ultimate suite of in-room technology

Interactive Hotel TV

Voice Control

Fitness Kiosks

Interactive Hotel TV and Guest Room Entertainment

Our Interactive IPTV solution is an agile guest entertainment platform that offers a personalized hotel experience to guests in-room and the flexibility for hoteliers to broadcast content via to multiple screens across the property.

Personalized Guest Information Pages

Create and manage personalized guest information pages that welcome them when
they arrive and assist them during their stay.

Bespoke channel line-ups

Deliver custom channel packages to guests’ rooms, creating standard and premium entertainment packages.

User Friendly Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Brand and customize the hotel TV electronic program guide (EPG) to a property’s
preference or guidelines.

Voice Control & AI

It’s time to take your brand to the next level. It’s time to engage your guests with voice. Our team will help you create remarkable and personalized guest experiences that align with your brand. We offer you hospitality grade technology that will help enable you to serve, influence and understand your guests in whole new ways.

Create personal experiences

Create a brand-driven personal experience by offering interactions that appeal to guests interests and make recommendations that are catered to their needs.

Influence guest behavior

Suggest high-margin on-property or partner-provided services at times of spare capacity.

Improve guest service

Make sure your guests feel taken care of without burdening your staff. Requests for common information or room services are convenient for both guests and staff to manage through the in-room Volara-powered device.

Fitness Kiosk

An interactive and customizable workout experience for active hotel guests to enjoy from the comfort of their own rooms or in the fitness center.

On-demand fitness

Provides guests with instant access to professional workouts from the comfort and safety of their room.


The Fitness Kiosk is designed around you, to suit your equipment and brand.


Capture detailed insights & metrics from Fitness Kiosks to find out how your guests use their in-room equipment.