Hyatt Regency
Wichita deploys Digital Signage..

Overlooking the scenic Arkansas River, Hyatt Regency Wichita is one of the premier hotels in Kansas.

Conveniently located downtown, the property is connected to Century II Convention Center and is just minutes to lntrust Bank Arena, Exploration Place, Historic Old Town, Orpheum Theatre and much more.

A bustling event venue, Hyatt Wichita relied heavily on digital signage for wayfinding, marketing and displaying event listings. Guests entering the lobby can view a complete directory of events taking place throughout the day as well as amenities and special promotions available at the hotel.

When the company Hyatt Wichita had been using for several years exited the digital signage business hotel officials began searching for another provider. They selected Janus based on the outstanding recommendations from the company’s corporate office and several Hyatt properties.

Hyatt Regency Wichita


Hyatt Wichita wants to provide a warm welcome to guests with signage that conveniently displays helpful information such as meeting room locations and daily events. As a busy meeting facility, events change daily.

Having experienced unresolved issues with their previous provider and identifying a requirement for a more user friendly solution, hotel officials turned to Janus for help. Ease of use was paramount in determining.



When that provider announced it was leaving the digital signage business, hotel officials turned to Janus for help. Ease of use was paramount in determining the most appropriate solution.

Janus provided an equitable solution that incorporated Hyatt Wichita’s existing screens and frames. In addition to a main board in the hotel lobby and a touch screen interactive wayfinding display, there is digital signage for each meeting room. These were all greatly enhanced using Janus’ high-tech media players and content management software. To ensure maximum efficiency and usage, Janus provides ongoing support and training to hotel staff members.


With rapid and expert issue resolution from the Janus team, the transition went smoothly from start to finish. Hotel personnel stated they literally just plugged in and have been rolling ever since.

Especially appealing has been the easy management of content. Now, staff can promote special offerings and showcase pictures of guest rooms, meeting spaces, dining options and other amenities. Equally important is the ability to highlight the logo of each event client on the corresponding room board. The hotel’s IT manager says he is ‘starstruck’ by how user friendly the new system is and how easy it is to navigate.

As Hyatt Wichita continues to enjoy its Janus system, plans are underway to maximize its displays by featuring local eateries and boutiques for an additional revenue stream.

Hyatt Regency Wichita