Public-Use Technology.

Our range of public-use hotel technology puts control into the hands of your guests; delivering the ultimate engaged experience during their visit to your property. Be it our market-leading secure workstations or Interactive IPTV, we have you covered for whatever your guests need.

Public-Use Hotel Technology - Workstation

The ultimate suite of public-use hotel technology to enhance guest experience at your venue.

Public-Use Technology - Digital Guest Directory

Digital Guest Directory

Public-Use Technology - Secure Workstation

Secure Workstations

Public-Use Technology - Cloud Printing

Cloud Printing

Public-Use Technology - Reserva Room Signage

Meeting Room Signage

Public-Use Technology - Digital Whiteboard

Digital Whiteboards

Public-Use Technology - Wireless Presentation

Wireless Presentations

Digital Hotel Guest Directory

Effectively communicate hotel amenities, offers, guest services information and more from an interactive digital repository that is always at your guests’ fingertips.

Reduce Printing Costs

Declutter paper materials and reduce printing costs.

Master Version Control

Eliminate version control for on-site marketing and sales materials.

Personalized and Editable

Create unique designs or use brand standard layouts to make a personalized feel.

Public-Use Technology - Digital Guest Directory 2

Secure Workstations

Uniguest public-use open lobby PCs and tablets offer a familiar computing experience with advanced cybersecurity to protect your property, guests and staff.

Multiple Devices

Choose from a range of Mac or PC desktop computers and Microsoft Surface tablets.

Free or Pay-per-use

Offer the service for free to guests or enable pay-per session to generate additional revenue.

Add Printing

Add a printer to any desktop or tablet Secure Workstation or provide cloud printing as a standalone facility.

Cloud Printing

Easy-to-use cloud-based printing that enables guests to print from their own devices to a designated printer in the meeting room, public space, or front desk.

Comprehensive solution

Pairs with a Secure Workstation for a comprehensive solution.

Cross Device

Compatible with any laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Simple Instructions

Simple guest instructions via QR code sticker.

Meeting Room Signage

Meeting room displays that synchronize with a central calendar to guide guests to the right event space.

Branded Layouts

Customized to your property’s branding and identity.

Calendar Integrations

Integrate room bookings with multiple calendar and timetabling systems.

Advertising Space

Meeting room signage doubles as promotional real-estate.

Central management

Manage and monitor from a single hub alongside other digital signage.

Digital Whiteboards

Support productive and efficient group meetings and team collaboration with our Digital Whiteboard solutions. Teams can work smarter and faster, while saving their work and taking it with them after the meeting.

Multiple Sizes

Available in 55′′, 65′′, 75′′ 85′′ models, perfect for your meeting room size.

Interactive Displays

Interactive display features note-taking and intuitive navigation enables creative thinking in business meetings.

Device Sharing

Collaborate in real-time with live device sharing with present or remote team members.

Wireless Presentations

A Wireless Presentation System enhances any meeting spaces or conference room by encouraging seamless collaboration and maintaining a smooth-running meeting free of tangled wires and troubleshooting.

No wires

Eliminate the constraints of cables and adapters so users can quickly cast content and focus on collaboration.

Cross Devices

Wireless presentation delivers native screen mirroring on any device–Windows, Apple and Android.


Guests are more confident and comfortable presenting in any meeting using their own device and conferencing platform.