Connected Heart-of-House: Strategies for Retention and Engagement

Aug 12, 2020

As travel and hospitality begin to re-awaken in a very different world, communication is as critical as ever. 

Communicating with guests is a must, of course, as we work to put them at ease about enhanced health and safety regulations. But as the industry begins to re-engage its workforce during unsettling times, it’s even more vital to ensure workers feel safe and, above all, valued in the workplace.

Employee engagement is key.

But how do you engage employees with so many competing priorities? Leverage compelling content through digital signage.

Here’s how

Digital signage is the most efficient way for organizations to communicate important information. The versatility of digital signage allows it to support various types of rich media, in a wide range of public spaces, and enables the host to update displays frequently and seamlessly through a centralized content management system (CMS). 

No more errant papers and missed emails when signage is right in front of employees in the break room, lounge or other heart-of-house space. Additionally, information appears before your employees faster than you can hit ‘Print.’

What does that look like for you? Heart-of-house signage allows for head office or management to push out important updates and protocols in real time and for local teams to celebrate birthdays, milestones, and new employees. With an easy-to-use content management system, like the one backing Uniguest’s digital signage suite, that’s just a few clicks of a button to get information directly to employees on the ground. Cloud-based signage allows you to upload content once then send it to a single sign, group of signs or across every employee-facing sign in your network.

Implement cleaning protocols based on Safe Stay guidelines

Why it’s important

Aside from reducing safety risks by making sure all team members are on the same page regarding important AHLA practices and protocols, digital signage is key in improving team morale, increasing employee retention, and ultimately driving revenue.

“Communication is always noted as critical in team morale, signage can be a great way to enourage feedback from your team.”

Leslie Kleine

Mike Quigley

VP of Digital Sales, Uniguest

When digital signage is used to invigorate teams with strong messages like motivational quotes, employee recognition, and professional development, a number of things happen: employees feel seen and heard which leads to increased productivity and retention; guests see the respect employees have for the business which leads to increased customer loyalty; and overall revenue increases as a result of low attrition costs and greater customer cash flow.

Studies from Harvard and the Queen’s School of Business agree. The cost of employee disengagement is 37% higher absenteeism, 49% more accidents, and 60% more errors and defects.

In this new era, employees who forget a pump of hand sanitizer (or worse) can cause a lasting impression on guests that will follow your brand far after the memories of the 2020 pandemic have faded: buy-in across the team is crucial. 

Productivity and accuracy are majorly increased when employees feel engaged at work, according to these studies. Those qualities are what we want and need to see from our teams during reopening.

Digital signage solutions can also fill gaps in your staffing. Get in touch with the Uniguest team to talk about how our signage can help you manage head counts to maintain safe distancing and attendance caps with no staffing necessary.

The bottom line is that digital signage is not just for guests and front-of-house messaging. Focusing efforts on heart-of-house communications to inspire, motivate, and connect employees is well worth it, especially in such an uncertain landscape. When employees are at ease, guests are at ease, and businesses can be as successful as possible as we plot a new trajectory into the future.