Uniguest Launches Wayfinder for Digital Signage

Apr 8, 2020

The modern traveler is continuing to evolve alongside the evolution of public facing technology. Hotels are also wanting more and more customization of their guest-facing technology.

In response, Uniguest has launched Wayfinder for digital signage to meet the needs of our customers and our customers’ customers.

Wayfinder makes it easy to keep guests on the property once they know of all the amenities on-site and generates revenue by guiding them to those property-run sites. Here’s how it works.

Wayfinder is a content solution that provides an interactive touchscreen map for guests

The feature can be used on any public screen.Wayfinding adds convenience alongside value for guests while reducing the administrative burden of guiding lost guests around your hotel.

Content includes a full map of the property, navigation to desired destinations, and a sidebar of notable locations. Maps are custom built to any specific, multi-level floor plans and are adaptable to any screen size.

Wayfinder is another notch in our robust content management system’s belt, making Uniguest digital signage the most powerful option available on the market. We’re most proud of the product’s dual function as a guest amenity and revenue source for our customers.

Matt Goche

Matt Goche

Chief Operating Officer | Uniguest

Properties can highlight revenue-generating amenities list restaurants, spas, and shops

While encouraging guests to utilize your property’s ancillary amenities, Wayfinder also entirely eliminates the need for paper maps or brochures. This new digital sign feature was created to capture guest attention and engage them with an approachable central hub of hotel information.

Hoteliers can leverage Wayfinder to upsell guests, guide them to revenue-generating locations and highlight promotions.


Full customization, easy implementation, and 24/7/365 support

With Uniguest, you’re backed by a best-in-class team that can provide content, customization, seamless implementation and second-to-none customer support.

Uniguest has already successfully rolled out Wayfinder to customers across the country. Implementation is a breeze with our team of experts, and can be done in as little as two weeks thanks to our rockstar implementation team. Best yet, each map is designed to the property’s specifications with brand logos and color palettes incorporated, giving guests a seamless brand experience.

Just like the rest of the Uniguest suite of solutions, Wayfinder has the same best in class support with our UCrew. With over 99% of Uniguest’s 30,000 devices in the field fully operational at any given time, the bulk of devices with an issue see a resolution within 24 hours. We are committed to continuing to evolve and improve our support capabilities as we introduce new content offerings like Wayfinder.