Hotel Voice

It’s time to take your brand to the next level. It’s time to engage your guests with a hotel voice assistant. Our team will help you create remarkable and personalized guest experiences that align with your brand. We offer you hospitality grade technology that will help enable you to serve, influence and understand your guests in whole new ways.

What you get when you partner with us on Voice

Share custom responses to guest’s questions, provide information about your property, and share insider recommendations in a voice and tone that is consistent with your brand.

Customized software

Tailored collateral

Analytics & Data

Set-up and support

Branded hardware

Administrative tools

Create personal experiences

It’s your brand that attracts and retains guests. Create a brand-driven personal hotel voice assistant experience for those who choose to stay with you. Offer them interactions that appeal to their interests and make recommendations that are catered to their needs.


  • Allow event hosts to greet their party guests
  • Sponsor can welcome conference attendees
  • Suggest context-based F&B choices or activities

Influence guest behavior

Suggest high-margin on-property or partner-provided services at times of spare capacity. When a guest initiates an interaction looking for something to do, provide unobtrusive suggestions.


  • Suggest a Spa Appointment or Gold Tee Time
  • Mention a Secret Menu Item or a Special Cocktail Offer
  • Promote a tour or excursion

Improve guest service

Make sure your guests feel taken care of without burdening your staff. Requests for common information or room services are convenient for both guests and staff to manage through the in-room Volara-powered device.


  • Handle common questions with immediacy
  • Channel room-requests and standard interactions
  • Replace compendiums and other in-room hardware
Voice Control Hotel

Start engaging with your guests

Let us help you differentiate your property and extend your brand to truly engage your guests. When you create a spectacular experience, your guests will not only come back, they’ll tell their friends, family and the world about their amazing stay at your boutique property!

Early adopters have an opportunity to differentiate their property and take advantage of the public and media interest in voice-automation. Volara works with its partners to measure the impact of its solution on TRevPar, NetPromoter Scores, Sentiment Scores, and TripAdvisor Ratings.

Janus Hotel Voice Assistant technology is powered by our Volara solution.